Flying Regulations Flight Area Brauneck

Unfortunately, on the last two weekends, 30/31.3.19 and 6/7.4.19, we had to record a dramatic increase in rescue operations in the Brauneck flight area.

The high number of rescue missions demanded the mountain rescue service to the limit.

The Lenggrieser Gleitschirmflieger e.V. can no longer tolerate this danger to the flying area. We are basically open to all pilots and want to enjoy this beautiful sport at Brauneck together in the future and therefore ask all pilots to familiarize themselves with the flying area before the flight.

Should further flight problems occur at Brauneck, we are forced to introduce a guest flight regulation at the mountain. We would like to avoid such a regulation at all costs and ask all pilots to observe the following rules urgently.

Please observe the wind direction!

Launch site:

East wind: Use launch site Garland. If the wind is too strong, it is better to refrain from taking off. If the wind is north-easterly, leave the Garland slope along the cable car line in the direction of Umsetzer (Koteck).
North wind: Use the north launch site at the summit! The way to the landing place can become very long with east wind and there are no safe emergency landing places available.
North launch – strong thermal wind can make it very turbulent!

Southwind: Launch site summit towards south. Please be careful if the valley wind has already started. If yes, the way to the landing place is massively disturbed by a leeward side which often forces the landing in Wegscheid. During such an outlanding, please keep your distance from the obstacle (lee side trap – Kleinlanzerote) and land far behind it.
Westerly wind: No take-off! The Brauneck is not suitable for flying in westerly winds.
Landing place:

Please fly a left landing voltage aligned to the wind direction.
Fold the canopy at the edge of the landing site.
Watch out for strong wind.
Landing at the hang glider landing site is completely forbidden!


In inversion situations we have special flight conditions. Sometimes it can become turbulent by spring thermals with very strong gusty valley wind contrary to the high wind direction. Please note this when planning your flight!
East winds like to create a wave over the Isar valley. With strong easterly winds it will be difficult to overcome the distance to the landing site against the wind.
Emergency situations:

Every tree is a landing place! Please sit completely in a tree instead of heading for a small spot with the danger to get stuck or stall the glider.
In case of a successful out landing, please inform the mountain rescue that you are ok.
Fly around obstacles (mountain railway, masts, detonating ropes, etc.) over long distances.
Pay attention to lee traps!
Follow the instructions of the club members during rescue operations.
Ground handling at the launch site is prohibited during helicopter operations and when the launch site is closed!